Sales in China are booming

Sales in China: Overview

As in all the countries of the world, the moment of the balances provoke an enormous effervescence for sales in China. People rush to the shops and the day is overloaded for shop sellers. The sales rate has never been higher than during these years and the average spending capacity for Chinese consumer is higher than before.

Sales in China: The time of the balances

In China, the balance means reductions in the prices of products that traders apply to some of their products. Different from the balances in Europe, there are not many regulations. Concerning the period of balances, each trader does what it sees fit. But every year there is a good time for balances, and traders agree at the same time to make cuts. These are usually moments of celebration, during which the population is at rest and is tempted to make purchases. These festivals are: May 1 (Labor Day), around October 1 (national holiday), between mid-January and mid-February (Chinese New Year). The difference for sales in China and balances in Europe, Europeans sell their old products while the Chinese sell new products. To know the times of the balances, the signs of the shops are placed for this purpose in mark the period and the percentage of reduction for the balances. The rule of reduction in China is different from that found in Europe. The reduction rate is indicated by a number between 1 and 9.


November 11 in China is known as the singles day. This is the most important day for online commerce especially. Discounts up to 70%. Historically, this festival was launched in the 1990s by Chinese students. Indeed it is unfair to have a special day for lovers and nothing for singles so they created this date. The purpose of the celebration is to give gifts between bachelors. Very interesting not only for singles but also for traders, balances are eagerly awaited. China is actually the world’s largest population of Internet users with more than 538 million people connected. The number of e-commerce customers is growing every day. The date of the feast of the singles falls at the peak: it is the time of the pay, the time of the preparation of the wardrobe of winter, and also it does not generate other expenses like the preparation of meals in family.

Men’s Products in China

The timing of sales in China is intended not only for women but also for men. Those who do not possess enough range of products as for women are not left to find their happiness at the time of the balances. It is very common to find products sold, the sale of polo for men is part of elsewhere. European sites even use Chinese products which are much cheaper than products from other countries. We usually find men’s polo shirts from China on Aliexpress. The products are cheap, certainly not quite original but the price is very attractive in relation to the quality of the products. Chinese copy products are often complained of, but they always find buyers and correspond to the purchasing power of a large part of the world population and especially in the developing countries. Apart from selling men’s polo shirts, there are thousands of men’s items at the time of sale.

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